Friday, June 11, 2010

Saipan's Sexiest Men - 2007

I took a trip down Middle Road and found this...
When we say sexy, we mean not just good physique (or not at all), for what good is the body without a heart and a brain and everything in between -- from their social relevance, charm to the way they wear their jeans? Here, then is a list of the sexiest men in our radar.

Not in particular order:

Tim Moran
Tyce Mister
Yosh Gabaldon
Jim Benedetto
Glen Hunter
Nathan Tan
Angelo Villagomez
Yoshi Suzuki
Mike Sablan
Robert Jordan
Ian Catlett
Richard Brostrom
Robert Torres
Charles Cepeda
Marcos Alonso
Russ Quinn
Mark Sullivan
Cuci Alvarez
Jessie Palacios
Eric Plinske
Nick Gross
Jonathan Grayson
Ken Pierson
Ricky Delgado
Joseph Flores
David Cohen
Absalon Waki
Chris Nelson
Andy Tidwell

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