Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saipan's List of Dirty Cops

The CNMI must have the highest percentage of disgraced cops of any state or territory in the United States.
  1. Peter B. Cepeda - Drug dealer.
  2. Christoper Deleon Guerrero - Extorted bribes from illegal cab drivers (pimps).
  3. Gilbert Macaranas - Drug dealer.
  4. Eric John Tudela Mafnas - Drug dealer.
  5. Edward Maratita - Charged with 33 counts of illegal use of public supplies, services, time, and personnel; theft; and theft by deception.
  6. Antonio Muna Masga - Drug dealer.
  7. Charlie K. Patris - Drug dealer.
  8. Pete Reyes - Drug dealer.
  9. Florencio Q. Richards - Drug dealer.
  10. Peter Magofna Sablan - Customs inspector and drug dealer


Isa said...

I need help populating this list.

Captain said...

(Tinian)Patrick Maglona, stole a fellow officers 9mm issued fire arm from her locker at the Tinian DPS some years ago, sold it to his friend, the friend was picked up while "target practicing" and drinking beer and only now, After being elected to the head of the Tinian Municipal Council is finally due in a court trial, this month, I think. (the warrant was marked "observable" but Patrick still was employed by the DPS Tinian.(although he went into the military and went to Iraq, but came back)His family supported the past mayor and the Mayors' son ran DPS.

(Saipan)What happened to the cop that reported his guns stolen in a burglary in his home and the burglar took his keys, went into his cop car parked at his house and stole his service revolver out of the cop car.
Later, after some serious inquiries, his gun"turned up in his house" (forgot where it turned up at)
There were some other Saipan cops around this time arrested also. One was the one involved with extorting from the illegal cabs.

What happened to the cop with the gun that Aldan used to try and kill his wife in Tinian (he got six months, and was supposed to turn in the gun, (meantime married the DOC director) Supposedly< Now< the gun belongs to a Tinian cop that dated his nephew? (that is where he got the gun from

(Tinian) there where three arrested for drugs, recently. One was a cop, one was Fire Dept, one was mayor staff. assigned to the "puppy patrol" and related to the past Mayor and in law to the present Mayor.

(Tinian) Look at your list of rapist and pedophiles, I believe you have two cops from Tinian on that list.

(Tinian)A few years ago a police Lt. was convicted and sent to prison for drug trafficking, cant remember his name.

Will try and think about more later. Maybe some of the readers can fill in the names and dates et and add some more.
This is a good idea.
Maybe later you can put a list up with all of the convicted elected and political appointees and the rest that are working for the Govt.

Isa said...

It is very onerous to make up these lists, but thanks for the suggestion. My hope is that readers will do some of the work and send me the newspaper links in comments.

The Saipan Blogger said...

The author of "How to be a Great Cop" says the percentage of dirty cops is "less than 1 percent."

From this newspaper article:

The Saipan Blogger said...

Unheard No More has a longer list:

Anonymous said...

Is this inclusive of CPA port police?

Captain Ruebuenog - assisted former AG's escape

Jordan Kossam - assisted the former AG's escape