Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stanley Torres is an Asshole

stanley torres saipanThe entire Covenant Party is to blame for most of the CNMI's current problems, and the worst of that bunch is Representative Stanley Torres.

A convicted felon at Toke of the Town praises Stanley for turning Saipan into a tourist destination for other convicted felons.
Legalized marijuana in a protectorate of the United States like Saipan/CNMI would, as pointed out last April by NORML's "Radical" Russ Belville, mean "some really cool new vacation spots that don't require a passport and checking through Customs."

If, like me, you're a convicted felon in the United States, you're already well aware what that means. An exotic, "foreign" vacation spot is now available to you, even though you can't get a passport! (Yes, I know: felons can get passports -- with lots of money and good lawyers. I'm a felon. I can't get a passport. Capiche?)
Thanks, Asshole.

stanley torres saipanOn Thursday night, Stanley was out doing body shots off of underage Filipina waitresses in celebration of his 63rd birthday, only hours before Friday's government shut down. The Senate was hard at work trying to pass a budget while Stanley and his buddy governor Ben Fitial drank themselves into a pre-weekend comatose stupor.

Thanks again, Asshole.